Can you buy a car without a VIN check? / revscheckreport-VINcheck

VIN check is a proccess of validating the VIN number and retrieving information from the Personal Property Secure Register. Who can retrieve the information? Anyone who has the VIN number of the vehicle. What is the VIN number? VIN number is a 17-character number which is unique for each vehicle. You might ask yourself: “When should I make a VIN search?” You should do a VIN check if you are about to buy a used car.

Performing this check is important due to numerous types of frauds, especially in the used cars market. VIN check is important both for the buyer and the seller.

You will probably be shocked if I tell you that each sixth Australian citizen who buys a used car becomes the victim of a certain type of a fraud! You certainly don’t want to become a part of these obscure statistics. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a used car, read our advice and tips.

How is VIN check carried out?

When buying a car, first find out the VIN number. If your seller does not know how to find out the VIN number, you can look for it together. It is usually written in the inside part of the driver’s door. You can look for it in the car insurance policy as well. If your seller does not want to provide the VIN number, you should probably give up on that suspicious purchase. If you do get the VIN, perform the VIN check.  Make sure you  ask for the following VIN check related reports:

  1. Financial report,
  2. Stolen car check,
  3. VIN validation,
  4. Write off check,
  5. Vehicle description.

As the VIN-related reports can discover a fraud, it is important to contact legal authorities in case of a stolen car or similar false information.

Advantages of getting the VIN check done

These checks are performed by authorized, professional companies, specialized in VIN checks and PPSR reports and certificates. It is important to have these reports as they will secure your car, your money, your time and protect you from unpleasant disputes with the seller or buyer and / or third party. You can discover many sensitive details about the property you are about to buy. It is important to validate the reports, to re-check the information on the day of vehicle purchase and to keep their copies in a safe place.

VIN check is the best possible method for securing yourself against used cars market frauds. VIN number is the key to discovering information about the goods or properties you are planning to buy. It is a realiable and affordable process each Australian citizen must rely on when buying used goods. These checks are very fast, as the professional search companies retrieve trustworthy data from the Personal Property Secure Register. Debts, loans, registration date, legal status of a used car, history of past owners, car acidents the vehicle had taken part in, collisions, floods and the damage they caused, storms and odometer data will be included into the reports obtained by the VIN number.