How to identify an encumbered vehicle? / quickrevs-revscheck

A revs check is carried out when a person in Australia wishes to purchase a second-hand vehicle. R.E.V stands for Registration of Encumbered Vehicles or otherwise known as Vehicle Security Registers. It is a validation process of vehicle’s data using different genuine identification methods. You can use methods like VIN, chassis number or a serial number if the manufacturer’s number is available.

What is an encumbered vehicle?

An encumbrance relating to a car or any other vehicle simply means that the current buyer/owner of the vehicle is stillpaying money in part or whole to the seller. Buying an encumbered car can be useful for temporary use or in dire need. An encumbered car may be a cheaper option but buying an encumbered vehicle does have its risks. They are as follows:

  • You might get tricked into buying a car with falsified specifications that the dealer has provided while selling it
  • You might be forced to pay more than the original price of the car
  • You might have to carry the burden of a debt on the car which the dealer has not disclosed.

Therefore, it is importantyou carry out a simple procedure called ‘revs check before buying any car from any authorized dealer/company to avoid the above errors

Why is it important to carry out revs check?

Let us assume you need a vehicle for urgency and you have seen an ad where a dealer has put up a vehicle for sale. You do not immediately go and buy the vehicle from the dealer directly, instead, you critically scrutinize the vehicle to ensure that you are buying the right vehicle.

Revs check offers the benefits of checking any detail you want in the vehicle, ranging from manufacturer’s details to technical specifications. You can rely on these details as they are certified by the NZPPSA before releasing it to the public.

You can also get to know additional expenditure that the car has gone through due to accidents, or regular services and so on. In this way, you can cross verify the information that the dealer sells out during sale and check if matches. This ensures that information is legit along with the information in the database and you will be safe from being tricked by the dealer.

What is the revs check procedure?

If you want to conduct revs check for the vehicle that you want to buy, then you need to have any of the following three identification sources. They are as follows:

  1. Chassis Number
  2. VIN [Vehicle Identification Number]
  3. Serial Number


  • Chassis number is the last 6-digit number of the VIN Number. You can use it to scrutinize the vehicles that were manufactured prior to the year 1989


  • You can use a VIN number for vehicles manufactured after the year 1989.


  • You can also use the serial number if the manufacturer’s number is available.

Therefore, without any double thoughts, you can go ahead with the most trusted revs check to cross verify the vehicle’s authenticity before purchase.